out of my cocoon

Over a year ago, after i completed my last class i decided to take a break from speaking and sharing as i felt that my newborn awakening, at the time, prevented me by default from leading others.  my enthusiam for sharing was crushed by the weight of what i didn’t know; i tried for as long as my excitement could hold me but as the depth of my new reality was fathomed i needed to back away and reassess.  my blog was my rudder as i meandered through my early experiences in awakening until just recently when feeling completely re-assembled, like a butterfly, I was ready to come out of my cocoon… back on purpose.  Continue Reading →

unshakable certainty

Looking out from the window of my friends apartment on the 40th floor, high above the frenzy of downtown Boston, i get this overwhelming sense that i not only can see everything moving into the horizon but i intuit from the prospective of my new paradigm, how my old identity is racing off, out of sight; leaving me with an unshakable certainty that understanding my true self will always be one step ahead of my experiences and comprehension.  Continue Reading →